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2 february 2015
HgWin v1.6.2 - GUI tool for Mercurial version control system (similar to hgtk)

Changes from v1.6:
  • Fixed a crash when HgWin run from the directory which is not under repository root

Changes from v1.6.1:
  • Allways check if mercurial client is found on startup. This handle the case where mercurial client was installed earlier but now is not available (i.e. uninstalled)
  • Added an example of mercurial username syntax in commit dialog if the username is not set
  • Fixed bug with showing blank information for the initial revision in the repository
  • Fixed initial height of commit message textbox
  • Fixed an infinite hang for commands: Clone/Incoming/Outgoing/Pull/Push if they need to prompt for password. Now this commands are run in non-interactive mode, so they fail immediately with authorization error.
  • Create a dedicated pipe for standard error pipe to prevent 'Arithmetic Exception' error when running a mercurial in the cmdserver mode.
  • Added check for a good values when saving/loading windows position from settings

  • Support for operations: Commit, Revert, Resolve, Compare, Update, Tags, Push, Pull, Incoming, Outgoing, Merge, Clone, Bundle, Archive, Annotate (Blame), View File, Grep, Bookmarks, Rebase
  • File history dialog with support of file differencing
  • Support tracking of file renames in file history dialog
  • Support external file comparison tools
  • Revisions graph log. This feature is similar to hgk, hgview and tortoisehg change log window
  • Support for merging revisions
  • Support for rebasing revisions
  • Support for inline file difference in most of package windows
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Integration with Kiln
  • Integration with BitBucket

HgWin <command>

ar (archive) [rev] archive dialog
ann (annotate) <file> annotate (blame) file
book (bookmarks) <rev> bookmarks dialog
ci (commit) commit dialog
clone clone dialog
grep grep dialog
log <file> file history
log revisions graph log
merge [rev] merge dialog
revert revert dialog
tag [rev] tag dialog
sync synchronize dialog
up (update) [rev] update dialog

  • HgWin requires Mercurial v2.1.1 or higher installed
  • The folder with mercurial client (hg.exe) should be referenced in your PATH environment
  • HgWin requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher installed

More information on project wiki on BitBucket site:

Download version 1.6.2 Size ~ 1.1 Mb.